Slices of 3d Figures

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Video on slices of 3d figures.

Khan Academy

Online Quiz
Khan Academy

Function (Chapter 12, Section 2)

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Mad Minutes Practice

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Variables and Patterns

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Investigation 1
Variables and Patterns, Investigation 1

Homework Help ACE exercise 20

Video Tutor for Investigation 1

Online Multiple Choice Quiz: Investigation 1

Online Manipulative: Inclass Activity Climbing Monkey

Did you Know?: Facts relating to inclass investigations

Investigation 2
Variables and Patterns, Investigation 2

Homework Help ACE Exercise 16

Video Tutor for Investigation 1

Investigation 3: Rules and Equations

Variables and Patterns, Investigation 3

Video Tutor for Investigation 3

Homework Help ACE Exercise 17

Online Quiz: Investigation 3

Investigation 4

Homework Help: ACE Exercise 12

Vocabulary Quiz Variables and Patterns

Transformations: Dilation

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Online Video:
Phschool: Graphing Dilation Images

Brightstorm: Dilation Instruction Video

Math Dilations – – Pre Algebra Help

Regents Prep: Dilation

Math Warehouse: How to perform a Dilation. Formula and Interactive Demo

Online Quiz:
Phschool: Chapter 5, Lesson 6


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